1. PREPARE FOR EMERGENCIES.  Hopefully, you will never be involved in a motor vehicle accident but preparing for vehicle emergencies, such as an accident, will significantly assist you should you ever be involved in an accident.  As a responsible driver, you should carry the following in your car at all times:

  • copy of your motor vehicle insurance card
  • copy of your motor vehicle registration
  • important contacts to notify in case of emergency
  • critical medical information & emergency medications for common passengers
  • flashlight
  • basic first aid kit
  • extra blankets, water proof gear for extremes of weather
  • water, snacks

2. ASSESS FOR INJURIES & SAFETY 1ST.  If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the first thing to do is to assess yourself for injury and then if safe, others involved in the collision.  You may also want to help others who are more injured and rescue them from potential or actual harm but it is important to know that you are generally not under a legal duty to rescue other people in danger.

3. CALL 911.  It’s important that you Call 911 immediately or direct someone nearby to do so.  Calling 911 or activating the local emergency response is often the very best action you can take to help others in danger.  Being a victim of a motor vehicle accident, especially if you sustain head trauma, can cause an alteration in your decision making skills.  It is often best and safest to allow rapid responsive and well trained emergency response personnel to manage the scene of a motor vehicle crash scene.

4. INSURANCE EXCHANGE.  It is important again to have your motor vehicle insurance card in your vehicle at all times, especially during emergencies.  The police will need to see your insurance card.  It is important to also exchange insurance information with other drivers on the accident scene.

5. DOCUMENT THE WRECK.  It may not seem important at the time but it can be extremely valuable to you at a later date to have your motor vehicle accident scene well documented.  Do not be shy about using your cell phone to take pictures of the scene or allowing others who are not injured document the scene of the accident.  You may also want to draw pictures, take notes and document as early as possible anything you can remember about the wreck.  These details can help later with a personal injury claim and even help clarify who is actually at fault in the wreck.

6. CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY.  After the wreck and after you have received any necessary and emergency medical treatment, it is important that you notify your insurance company that you have been involved in a wreck.  Follow the directions on your insurance card or you can notify your agent for further direction on how to file an insurance claim against your policy.  It is also important that you have a personal copy of your motor vehicle insurance policy.

7. DOCTOR ASSESSMENT.  Even if you are not transported from the accident scene to a local hospital for emergency treatment or evaluation, it is still important that you are evaluated medically and as soon as reasonably possible.  Many injuries are not apparent at the time of a motor vehicle accident; symptoms sometimes arise later that can cause a chronic condition or lifelong disability if not treated aggressively.  It is wise to see a doctor to thoroughly evaluate you after a motor vehicle crash.

8. ACCIDENT REPORT.  Depending on the location of the wreck scene, the police that responded to the accident will prepare an official accident report.  You can call that police agency and inquire about when you may be able to pick up a copy and what the fee will be for a copy.  If you already know that you will hire an attorney, your attorney can obtain a copy.

9. CONTACT PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY.  You are encouraged to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your options after any motor vehicle accident.  Dabar Law offers a free consultation with many convenient appointment times, including weekends and after-hours.  You may call our office at 662-469-4411 to schedule your free consultation for answers regarding your motor vehicle accident.  We are conveniently located at 324 West Valley in Hernando, DeSoto County, Mississippi.

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