• located at 8525 Hwy 51, Southaven, Mississippi 38671
  • court of limited criminal jurisdiction meaning it can hear some minor criminal cases but not all criminal cases such as felonies
  • court may hear criminal cases where the maximum penalty is a fine and county jail sentence of less than one year
  • traffic and misdemeanor criminal cases allegedly committed in DeSoto County, not in the city limits of a local municipality, are heard in DeSoto County Justice Court
  • Justice Court Judges may conduct bond hearings and preliminary hearings in felony criminal cases
  • eviction proceedings and replevin actions for DeSoto County occur in this court
  • appeals from this Court, other than for felony criminal matters, are heard by the DeSoto County Court
  • Justice Court Judges may sign search warrant orders
  • civil court for resolution of small claim civil disputes with a maximum court award of $3500.00
  • the Justice Court Judges are elected officials
  • Justice Court judges serve on 4 year terms
  • DeSoto County has 5 Justice Court Judges


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