Here are important driving principles and frequently violated rules of the road in Mississippi found in the Mississippi Driver’s Manual.  Violations of these rules can lead to not only expensive tickets from local and state law enforcement but also to other charges arising from a probable cause to stop your vehicle and search.

  1. Must obtain Mississippi driver’s license within 60 days of moving to Mississippi.
  2. Must obtain Mississippi license plate within 30 days of moving to Mississippi.
  3. If you drive a motorcycle on the road, you must wear an approved helmet.
  4. Most accidents occur in intersections due to poor communication.
  5. Yield to emergency response vehicles by slowing and pulling over to the right side of the road until the vehicle has passed.
  6. Must stop for school buses when stopped and when receiving or letting the passengers off the bus until all passengers have cleared the roadway
  7. You are required to dim your lights within 500 ft of meeting another car or approaching another car from behind.
  8. Use your turn signals appropriately
  9. Wear your seatbelt
  10. Do not wear headphones while driving
  11. Must have two working headlights and a tag light
  12. Do not drink and drive
  13. Do not use legal or illegal, prescribed or over the counter substances that make you drowsy or impair your driving ability
  14. Keep your car in good repair
  15. Know the regulations on window tinting and special mufflers
  16. Make sure children riding in your vehicle are properly restrained.
  17. Observe the posted speed limits but also drive appropriate speed for conditions
  18. Avoid domestic violence episodes while driving
  19. Beware of passengers who are behaviorally out of control or abusing substances
  20. Do not allow passengers to drink while you are driving