1. Make sure you communicate your expectations or goals with your lawyer prior to hiring the lawyer.
  2. Pay your lawyer as agreed.
  3. Make sure you keep your lawyer’s office informed of your current address, telephone and email at all times and the best and quickest method to reach you.
  4. Be sure you are familiar with the complaint or conflict resolution process within your lawyer’s office.
  5. Tell your lawyer the truth so that a more accurate analysis can be made regarding your case and to prevent your lawyer from be caught off guard with the truth.
  6. Be sure to listen to both the good and especially the bad aspects or risks of your case.
  7. Communicate updates with your lawyer promptly.
  8. Tell your lawyer all the facts, both good and bad. Some details you may perceive as “bad” may be easily managed to help your case.
  9. Keep your appointments or at least reschedule with ample notice to the lawyer’s office.
  10. Ask questions if you don’t understand.
  11. Don’t harass or call repeatedly to your lawyer’s office, especially about small matters.
  12. Avoid getting into arguments with the lawyer’s staff or talking negatively about the lawyer with his or her staff.
  13. Don’t sign any papers until you understand what you are signing and why.
  14. Avoid calls after normal business hours, weekends and holidays and while you are intoxicated.
  15. Be the primary or only person your lawyer speaks to; don’t allow family members or loved ones to try to control or dominate your lawyer-client relationship.